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Monday, March 02, 2015
Trainer Certification Upgraded to TD6.3!

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Hello and welcome to my website.  Happy 2014! This year I am celebrating the 22th since obtaining my paralegal certificate from USD!  I also hold an advanced certification from the National Association of Legal Assistants ("NALA"), with a Discovery specialty.  As of April 2014, I am only one class away from obtaining my Professional Intellectual Property Law Certification from UCSD. This new certification and knowledge will enable me to expand my services to include patent prosecution assistance, patent, trademark and copyright searching and other due diligence research.  I love learning new aspects of the law and I am excited about the opportunity to utilize the IP certification!  After many years of work for law firms, large and small, local and international, I began my freelance business 8 years ago.  In addition to my diverse background in many practice areas, I am a certified Trial Director trainer.  Now I independently work for law firms and attorneys exclusively on a contract basis.  There are many advantages to hiring a freelance (or contract) paralegal. A full time paralegal employee requires vacation and sick pay, bonuses, health insurance, retirement plans and employment taxes, even when the firm experiences slow periods when the paralegal's billable hours sink well below the minimum requirements.  A full-time paralegal can cost your firm significantly more than just his or her annual salary.   As a freelance paralegal, all of my time is billable to the client.  I do not get paid for idle time, texting or playing on the internet. That means as a freelance paralegal, I always generate positive cash flow for the firm. It's a win-win situation, allowing your firm to save money and move cases along quickly.  Solo-practitioners can utilize my vast writing and other litigation knowledge and experience.  Why fret over discovery deadlines or document reviews? I have extensive experience handling document reviews and drafting discovery.  No time to read that 200-page deposition?  I can provide a brief synopsis summary, or a more detailed and issue-focused page-line summary.  Deposition summaries are my specialty, and your client will appreciate the savings!  Solo-practitionerss have hearings and depositions to attend, and business development obligations.  I can help you with that pile on your desk and those tasks that you keep pushing to the bottom.In today's courtroom, technology provides efficient and effective trial presentation.  It is also key for exhibit organization and witness preparation. In addition to building your case in a database, synchronizing your deposition testimony for trial presentation, and running Trial Director in the courtroom, I am certified to train you and/or your staff to use Trial Director 6.3.  As a USD and NALA certified freelance paralegal, and certified Trial Director 6.3 trainer, my extensive experience and diverse background can buy you peace of mind and extra time. In addition, I am one class away from obtaining my Intellectual Property Law Certification from University of California at San Diego.  Soon I will be qualified to docket and maintain trademark, patents and copyright files.  Thanks for visiting.  Penny

Legal research
Investigative research
Document review and analysis
Document organization and management
Discovery drafting and management
Deposition summaries
Deposition outlines and other preparation
Medical (and other) records summaries
Demand packages
Document coding and database management (Concordance, Summation, CaseMap)
Trial preparation (exhibit binders, jury instructions, motions in limine, exhibit indexing and tagging, witness subpoenas, witness outlines)
Case assistant/document clerk training
Office organization
Site inspections
Witness interviews
Disclosure statements, expert designations, motions, motions in limine
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